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1600 AL HWY 14

Millbrook, AL 36054

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sat 8am - 8pm

Sun 9am - 7pm

Monthly Wash Clubs Available at this location!



Our Millbrook location is Now Open! 


This location is packed with the latest in technology in the car wash market. We have a state of art On-Site Recycling Center that has the ability to recycle up to 75% of our water and store it to reuse as needed in the car wash process. We also have our very own Water Purification Center. This process takes tap water, and through reverse osmosis, purifies the water to be used as the final rinse on every vehicle. This ensures a clean, dry, and shiny car. 


Millbrook also offers our customers an option of Monthly Wash Clubs. Wash Clubs are the fastest way to get through our car wash. For one low monthly price, you can wash your vehicle up to once a day for the entire month or choose our Club Card option to share your membership with others!

Once signed up, we will place a small sticker in your windshield or program your Club Card. Our reader will wirelessly read the SpeedPass sticker and allow the gate to open to enter our car wash or you can swipe your Club Card at anyone of our auto attendant's. Monthly Club Memberships can be used at our Montgomery, Calera, and Prattville locations!

Ask an attendant today!

All washes include the free to use service

  • Free Vacuums

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